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We all know old school runescape is the latest version of this game and is referred by the developers as a separate series. Old school runescape is also a multiplayer game and this game was released by Jagex in February month of 2013. The developers decided to launch this game to get back the gamers base which was declining. This game had it all, amazing graphics, improved engine, better patches; this was the best version ever of this game. Before incorporating all these changes in the game, Jagex wanted to take opinion of the gamers, and that is why they decided to do a voting poll too. This was really a great way to indulge the gamers. Many gamer were happy with the changes that the developers did to the game and because of this the results they got were tremendous; the gamers playing the game of old school runescape were almost double of the gamers playing the game of runescape.

This game was just like the previous version of the game, where a gamer can play this game for free but it can be played by gamers with membership too. The basics remain same in this version of the game, a gamer controls his character in the game and interacts with different non-player characters and other monsters in the game. Old school runescape was loved by the gamers and the gamers playing this game with membership got raised. The game of old school runescape has now made a name for itself in the gaming world and many gamers Buy osrs account.

Now let’s talk about the changes and addition to this game. The game of runescape has been developed many times by the developers and in old school version of the game the developers have incorporated an Ironman Mode. Ironman mode of the game is really tough as in this mode a gamer cannot do economic transaction with gamers. This means a gamer cannot share his resources with other gamers, no items, weapons or armors can be shared by gamers in the game. This is why this game is so difficult. A gamer needs to handle everything on his own in this mode of the game, he cannot rely on others that are why the game is called the single gamer mode and is regarded as one of the toughest mode to play. This mode was included in the game in October 2013.

This game is played by a gamer single handedly but that doesn’t means that, a gamer cannot interact with other gamer, restrictions are only in economic transaction of the game. A gamer can use the chat box in this mode of the game as well. Because of the reason that this game is really challenging and difficult, many of the beginners and inexperienced gamers do not like to play this mode of the game. Buy osrs account for getting best experience of this game. Runescape accounts for sale on mmogah.